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In Unison with Jordan

In Unison with Jordan

In an interview with Ahluwalia, the multi-talented model and triple jumper Jordan Aki-Sawyerr, shares their inspiring journey of breaking boundaries in the realms of both fashion and sports. Unravel Jordan's life lessons on cultivating resilience and staying true to yourself. 

What makes you feel in unison with yourself?

For me, a lot of the things are the self-care activities that I do which make me feel in unison with myself. I journal which helps me take care of my mind and as an athlete, I take a lot of care of my body which includes working out and eating right. When both my body and mind are taken care of I’m most in unison with myself.

What makes you feel in unison with the world?

Connections. Through friends, family, and relationships. When I speak to people, that for me is a beautiful experience because I love learning about others. I love learning about what matters to them and just being able to be a bit more connected to them that way.

Who or what has been a strong influence in your life and career?

My mom has been one of the strongest influences in my life and career. She is someone who set upon her own path and went through it with full force, and that is just incredibly inspirational for me, and it's why I'm doing what I'm doing now. It's amazing.

What is a lesson that you've learned from your family?

A lesson I've learned from my family is resilience. Don't give up if people think it's not possible. If you believe in something there's a way, there will always be a way. So that's probably one of the most important lesson my family have taught me.

What about is a lesson that you've learned from your community and who would you say your community is?

Hmm. That's a good question. My community for me is my church. I have learned so much. I've learned humanity, resilience, faith, resolve and kindness. Kindness is probably one of the main things for me. Where it's not so much about being kind to the people I like, but to those who I may not necessarily like, those who aren't supporting me and the people who are against me. So I just want to be kind to everyone.

Tell us about the personal items you brought with you. What personal meaning do they have?

My flag is very relevant to me because it's the nation I can compete for and my home country. For me, it's just a constant reminder of where I've come from and where I'm going. I’ve brought some medals and they are records and proof of the hard work that I put over the years. They are a motivation for me in a way that I have got a silver medal here but the next time its going to be a gold one.