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The Making of the AW23 Symphony Soundtrack

The Making of the AW23 Symphony Soundtrack

For the Autumn Winter 23 Symphony show soundtrack, Creative Director and Founder Priya Ahluwalia envisioned an immersive musical experience that would captivate guests from the very moment they arrived until they departed. Collaborating closely with the talented team at Woodgrain Studio, together they created a mesmerising journey through sound. 

Live performances by Saxophonist Solaariss and Pianist Insxght complemented the soundtrack, weaving an unforgettable tapestry of melodies and emotions throughout the entire event at London Fashion Week.
 Creative Director and Founder Priya Ahluwalia, Saxophonist Solaariss, and Pianist Insxght
Solaariss wearing our AW23 Lateo Short sleeve shirt and Bitta Track pant

What was the process of creating the soundtrack?  

"We wanted it to be like a nostalgia trip, through the music that we would listen to in the 90s and 2000s in terms of just like that feeling. It’s just essentially to almost flick memory boxes in people’s minds, saying I remember this song and then by doing that , it’s making you feel like do you remember this memory? How does that memory make you feel?" 

- Solaariss, Saxophonist

Insxght wearing our AW23 Kuti knitted crew and Rework denim jeans

What was your process of composing the elements of the piano?

"I think it’s important to kind of know when to go and kind of do the most and to know when to just stay back. So for a majority of the composition, I’m quite chilled and Solaariss is taking the lead, but the little space I have, I thought just to have some pretty melodies, just to make it sound nice, but not be too over the top." 

- Insxght, Pianist

Creative Director and Founder Priya Ahluwalia wearing our SS23 Ayo knit cardigan and trousers

What would the soundtrack to your life look like? 

 "What would the soundtrack to my life look like? Throughout my life I’ve listened to so many types of music, Bollywood soundtracks, RnB, soul and hip hop as a child, bashment as a teen and house whilst I’ve raved in locations around the world, all of it connects me to a feeling or an emotion. More recently I have been listening to a lot of Fela Kuti, Afrobeats and neo-wave rnb." 

- Creative Director and Founder, Priya Ahluwalia