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In Unison with Anita

In Unison with Anita

Ahluwalia sat down with Anita Chhiba, a London-based Creative Director, and the founder of Diet Paratha, a burgeoning platform celebrating creative talent from the South Asian diaspora. Discover her lessons on trusting your instincts and collaborating with your community.

What makes you feel in unison with yourself?

The thing that makes me feel in unison with myself is meditation every day and journaling.

What is a lesson that you've learned from your family?

A lesson that I learned from my family is to trust your own instinct because the advice that people give you isn't always right for you.

What about is a lesson that you've learned from your community and who would you say your community is?

My community are the people that I'm collaborating with, and I'm lucky enough to collaborate with so many people almost every week, the lesson I've learned from them is that we are stronger together. My community represents the entire South Asian diaspora across the world.

Tell us about the personal items you brought with you. What personal meaning do they have?

All the personal items that I've selected for the shoot are from South Asian artisans. It's really important for me to collect South Asian art and display it around my home because I just didn't see it growing up. I It was always rooted to the culture and it was always quite typical of what you would see from the culture. So it's so nice for me to have all these contemporary pieces and have them on display because it is so different to the art that I was so used to growing up as a South Asian.