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Introducing the Unison Collection

Introducing the Unison Collection

Ahluwalia announces a new capsule collection, titled ‘Unison’ exclusively available at The exclusive capsule is designed to fit into everyone’s everyday lives and is made from GOTS-certified cotton and recycled polyester made from ocean waste. The collection features the recognisable Ahluwalia logo, a dictionary definition and phonetic spelling, "AH-LOO-WAH-LEE-AH", a celebratory and playful nod to the mispronunciation of the brand name.

 We have been building the Ahluwalia community through design, visual arts, and our books and prints. As our community and brand continue to expand, I really wanted to create pieces to welcome more people into the Ahluwalia world. Each piece has been carefully crafted with innovative materials and feature a playful nod to all of the mispronunciations of my name.

- Creative Director, Priya Ahluwalia

The launch is accompanied by a campaign, featuring and spotlighting members of Ahluwalia’s community. Talent includes Anita Chhiba, Founder and Director of Diet Paratha; Jordan Akisawyerr a triple jumper & model; and Calypso a Self-Discovery Coach, and business mentor. In the campaign, each talent shares their story of what brings them #InUnison with themselves, the community and the world. The campaign's backdrop is as distinctive as it is harmonious and in unison with each other. For Calypso, the library is where she finds her respite, for Jordan, it is the local training track and for Anita, it is her multipurpose London home.